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back facial


All you need for an spotless back. A high sebaceous glands activity will sometimes turn into pimples, cysts , and discoloration. This facial is for you. Using gentle exfoliants, lightening products, hydrations and masks, we have your back. Relax and Nap while we do the magic.



Customized facial that makes it suitable for all skin type and skin condition. Organic skincare and a holistic approach will take your skin to another level of comfort , and so your heart. Love your skin again!


Acne Facial

It targets acne and acne prone skin with a combination of potents plants, oils, soothing masks. A modality of facial massage (lymphatic drainage) is also added for best results. The last part of this facial will help reduce cellular waste and bring nutrition to skin through circulation.

Buccal Facial Sculpting

Buccal Facial Sculpting

This facial features intraoral sculptural facelift massage using buccal technique originating in Russia and recently debuting in the U.S.



This is a treatment that can guarantee you collagen production. We loose collagen as we age; therefore it is important that we can help our skin to maintain and gain back what it has lost.
This treatment is done with a device that creates micro punctures and the skin senses that it needs to repair, forming new collagen. Tightens and brightens the skin. It’s great for acne scares with reduction up to 90%. It is safe and

Buccal Guasha Facial

Buccal Guasha Facial

Combination of the best of both techniques. The perfect treatment for someone that is ready to take the next step into the skincare journey. This luxury massage will sculpt your neck and face muscles as it is an alternative for surgical procedures.

The power of a facial massage

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