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My story

   My desire to fix my own skin throughout my life led me on a path. As a teenager, like many in this world, I started to experience acne.  I remember growing up, and into adulthood, my face would be covered in tiny pimples. Today I know it had a lot to do with diet and vitamin deficiencies. I was hopeless because a lack of resources in my home country of Cuba. But I had a light inside of me that kept shining! I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to come to America.  I get to live in a country of opportunities; therefore, I went for what I am most passionate about: the business of beauty.

   In this journey my perspective has changed tremendously, and I think I have grasped the true sense of what beauty is. I learned that ingredients could feed your skin the same way your food serves your body. Moreover, yes you might have flawless skin and still show sadness and regret. Thus, our external appearance has an impact on us, so does the internal state of our souls. The work is complete when your esthetician can meet you at both places.

How so?!

   Everything in the body is connected. From your skin, nerves, fascia, muscles, cells, feelings, stagnation, to the deepest thoughts you have. Glow and youth come from the inside. When removing stagnation, cellular debris, release fascia, reposition the muscles, trapped emotions go…. You can be sure that you have gotten the best facial of your life.

My philosophy…

Restore skin balance. Very often our skin problems start when skin is out balance.


Besides my esthetician license, I have trained under several top tier people in the industry that have gotten their respect and prestige because of their vast knowledge, ethics, and great practices. Not just for skin health, but overall wellness. In addition, I am a reader. I am very passionate about my research. What I’m bringing to Windermere Beauty Spa are strategies, treatments, and methods that work and above all are safe and will keep us beautiful.

With Love

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