Alternatively, you might actually be able to use that leverage in your trades. However, the broker might be doing requotes against you, i.e. opening the exact opposite positions of your trades. This way, they can further maximize their profit based on your losses. One of the easiest and most popular features to ‘fake’ is leverage. It is a feature that lets you increase your initial trading funds considerably without spending too much money from your wallet. In short, it seems and sounds exactly like a feature that trading Forex online scams would use to their advantage.

It may prevent someone from falling into a scammers trap, or if they are already in one maybe recognize that and not add to their misfortune. Now that we’ve had an overview of the scams and how to spot them, let’s look at the legitimate products. We are sorry to hear you were the victim of a forex scam.

xcritical 5 scams

Many platforms offer to help traders choose the best time for trade. These brokers will charge monthly, weekly, or even daily fees from traders in exchange for advice. Many brokers vanish with the trader’s money after receiving the fee.

Signs of a Possible Fraudulent Sales Pitch

You should also report the scam to Action Fraud and the FCA so that they can investigate and try to recover your money if possible. This can also help other people avoid falling victim to the same scams. Once enough people have paid into the scheme, the scammers vanish with the money and leave investors with nothing.

To most easily avoid broker forex scams, choose a regulated broker with a good reputation and a long history. For all other scams simply trust in yourself rather than trusting someone else to make your profits. This is probably the most not-so-subtle scam, but it still manages to net customers. In this scam, investors are encouraged to join a service or company that trades the Forex market, and they will earn fixed periodic profits. This is a pure scam because the Forex market is fast and dynamic. Profits and losses are part of Forex trading and cannot be forecasted.

Forex Broker Regulations

But I am honestly enjoying the process of learning about trading this way, LOL. She mentioned how her “uncle” provided her with inside tips for investments that made her really wealthy, she even told me his whole story and about all the lavish gifts she gave him in gratitude. I like to think im not stupid but apparently i am. This lady had a number of businesses one was forex trading. Comp then 8 weeks later I was guided with demo.

After the scammer offered to help with “one last trade,” the victim checked their account and saw that all of their funds transferred to were gone and all communication with the scammer ceased. These allegations have not been verified by DFI. So taught me how to trade and transfer from an AUSTRALIAN BANK through to BINANCE and then to a broker ETERNAL WEALTH FX and place trades. I called it initially and tried to withdrew all my funds which they did refund it immediately and their response rate was relatively quick which I heard is a quality you’re looking for in a broker… But then long story short I invested and pretty much lost $24k pretty much because of the market volatility and didn’t even blame him at all.

Victims are typically introduced to the phony brokers online. Sometimes, a member of a discussion or group will recommend a broker who’s making him or her a lot of money. Many of these frauds sell the victims on affiliate plans that will boost their profits if they recruit others into the scheme, making them unwitting participants in the fraud. The group post is typically accompanied by a link to a Telegram chat, Whatsapp number, or other messaging app. In every type of trading, there is a risk of getting scammed. Some trades which were considered safer a couple of years ago have also started to become victims.

What are the common fraud methods of MT4/5 brokers?

They claim they made $30,000 in less than 15 minutes. It’s unclear whether this is real or a demo account, whether these are fabricated or trades from real accounts. We can see lot sizes doubling, so it means they are using some kind of Martingale trading strategy, which is always very, very risky – I would never recommend that to anyone. What I’ve realized is that, for the most part, Forex moves in every possible direction to make every popular strategy a loser. What I’m trying to say is that, for every strategy, there will be days, weeks, months, or years that it performs well.

Many traders still believe that a broker owning the xcritical license must be legit. The fact is, the credibility of using this platform has nothing to do with the reliability and legitimacy of the broker. You are registering with a broker, you set a user ID & password and you get a download link of MT4 along with login details. In the background, either the scammers steal the money directly from your account or use the xcritical platform to manipulate your trading.


I want to emphasize that scams are everywhere, especially in the wealth and health niches. There are so many “magic” powders, pills, and pants promising that you will lose weight by eating a lot of food! I lost 30 kilos a few years ago, and it was hard! I had to balance my diet and work out minutes three or four times a week for months. What you are describing is unfortunately a classic scam. Meta4trade are not a licensed broker, therefore it will be difficult to recover your money.

As such, Forex trading is a legitimate endeavour where investors buy and sell different currency pairs. The Forex market is decentralised, which effectively means that there is no centralised physical location where investors can go and buy/sell their favourite currencies. Decentralisation also means that the market is not controlled or supervised by any single entity or institution, but rather by regulators or authorities in different regions. In Forex trading, money is the commodity traded between participants. When you buy one currency, you are simultaneously selling another, and vice versa.

I hear this is a big hit for you and there are a lot of big emotions happening. What helps me is some wisdom I learned long ago, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that makes the difference.” Never give your details to someone online that you’ve never met in person before. “If xcritical won’t do anything on the grave issues raised by users who trusted them, then the responsibility falls on platforms like Apple and Google Play store that list xcritical,” he wrote in an email. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.

xcritical 5 scams

This is particularly possible when you are trading Crypto CFDs, as liquidity providers on Crypto assets are notoriously problematic. Each trader has his/her own obligation to pay taxes in their own respective country’s jurisdiction. This is why MT4 has a built-in function to generate your MT4 Statement which outlines all your costs and your profits. No regulated broker would ever ask you to do this and most likely you have been the victim of a scam.

Software features with Forex scams explained

Probably all of them the same person and obviously using fake names. Apparently I traded between two different platforms and now the want me to pay 50k at first and now they want 20k. The people in pursuit of money start dreaming big and investing money.

A key element of the scam is the use of manipulated cryptocurrency apps and websites, which purport to show the victim that they’re making money off their investment, when in fact the scammer has taken everything. SCAM. Used by to scam you out of your money. Names involved; Megan Taylor “broker”, Eve Parker “account manager @ income finance” and Stephanie Miller “leverage manager”.

Therefore, the so-called MT5/MT4 scams have nothing to do with the MT5/MT4 platform itself, and MT5/MT4 is not a scam platform. If you lose money on MT5/MT4, in addition to the normal fluctuations in earnings, there is a high probability that you have encountered fraudulent brokers and dealers. I hope I do not bother because I’m new here, but since you’re out on esafas xcritical you should be aware of the scams made through myfxbook. Theft of investor’s password, alteration in results and statistics, theft of trading strategies to be sold in portals of other brokers, changes of Ips in unrecognized users, etc. This tactic is successful in 97% of cases, they victim will just accept that they were scammed and will not bother you again.

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